FlexiSPY Review 2022 – Unlike Others, Written After Real Testing

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This is unlike any other FlexiSPY review you will read on the internet. Because I actually tested the FlexiSPY software on my phone.

Here’s what I found:

After spending a month with FlexiSPY installed on my Android phone and testing every feature, I feel confident in recommending FlexiSPY for most people.

Installation was straightforward, at no point during my testing did FlexiSPY stop working. Most of the promised features worked well


  • Features worked well
  • Fast and Helpful Support
  • Easy Installation using Remote Installation Service


  • Pushy third-party installation service team

Review Goal

Goal: Answer pressing questions most people will have about spy apps – questions like “is it reliable? Is it easy to install? Is it hidden – and so on”.

Based on these top level questions I’ve split up the review into the following parts:

  • Testing Method
  • Installation
  • Feature Analysis
  • Visibility
  • Price
  • Support
  • Reliability

How I Tested

I installed FlexiSPY on my own phone and tested it for several weeks. I then applied a score to each aspect of FlexiSPY (e.g., price, ease of install, reliability)

My Setup

Below is the phone setup I used for this review

  • A Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J700F Dual Sim phone, running Android OS 6.0.1.
  • FlexiSPY EXTREME License
  • FlexiSPY installation service license

One thing I quickly learned was that spy app apps do not work equally well across all android versions and phone models.

For this reason I strongly recommend visiting FlexiSPYs compatibility page to check to what extent the device you want to monitor is compatible with FlexiSPY.

Before I purchased FlexiSPY I spoke to FlexiSPY’s Live-Chat and gave them a list of a few phones that were within my budget, and asked for feedback on which ones would work best with their software. Then I settled on the Galaxy J7.

Ease of Installation (Score: 5/5)

I found FlexiSPY to be easy to install using their remote installation service.

Like all spy apps for android, some advanced features only work if the phone has been rooted first.

To avoid the hassle of rooting I opted for FlexiSPYs remote installation service. It costs an extra thirty bucks, and you can read more about it here, but basically the service works like this:

  1. First, you need the phone you want to monitor, a computer, and TeamViewer installed on your computer.
  2. You schedule an install time with their team, hook up your phone to your computer, and then their agent logs in through TeamViewer, roots, configures, and installs FlexiSPY on the phone.

The entire process took 15 minutes and by the end FlexiSPY was installed in full mode, meaning I was supposed to be able to use all of FlexiSPY’s advanced features. For me it was worth the money.

Feature Analysis (Score: 5/5)

I found that FlexiSPY offers more powerful features than other products on the market, and 95% of those features that I tested did work.

Things that FlexiSPY has that competitors do not are call recording, ambient recording and a few other features I’ll talk about later.

*The features I couldn’t get to work turned out to not compatible with my phone. FlexiSPY advertise this in the compatibility section so it’s not their fault, but I feel it’s still worth mentioning.

Those features in question were: VoIP call recording for Google Hangouts, and Viber, as well as Spycall, spoof sms, call interception and call interception.

FlexiSPY say on their site that VoIP Call recording for Hangouts and Viber requires that the android phone be running a 32-bit operating system. Most Android phones, including ours is a 64 bit operating system.

They also say that Spycall, call interception, call notification, and spoof sms require that the phone being monitored is single SIM. The phone I tested was Dual-Sim. Anyways, I thought that was useful to mention.

I chose to have FlexiSPY installed in invisible mode – that worked. I was able to use FlexiSPY to record and listen to phone calls. I could see the devices current GPS location, and it’s location history – and set location alerts.

I was able to remotely open the phones camera and take photos – no flash, no sound. And the same goes for Ambient Recording. I was able to remotely to remotely open the devices microphone, create a recording, and listen to the recording – the list goes on.

Most of the features were easy to use and required no setup, but it’s worth noting that some features like call recording, and ambient recording needed to be configured inside the portal, and it was not immediately clear how to turn those features on – I had to look through knowledgebase articles for this.

Here’s a table that shows the features i tested, and shows my notes on what i found.

[table id=2 /]

Visibility (Score 5/5)

After FlexiSPY was installed on my phone in full mode, I could find no trace of it on the device.

The most important thing to note is that after FlexiSPY was installed and activated on the device, I never saw it again. May this be a different story if someone suspects that it is on their phone? Possibly. But through scouting out my phones settings, app depository, and so on, I was unable to find any trace.

It’s also worthe mentioning that the FlexiSPY app that is installed on the phone is not actually named FlexiSPY, but a generic name that does not arouse suspicion.

Price (4/5)

Compared to competitor software, FlexiSPY is expensive, there’s no doubt about that.

FlexiSPY comes in two versions, EXTREME, and PREMIUM.

EXTREME is their more powerful product and it starts at $199 for the three-month subscription.

PREMIUM on the other hand starts at $68.

My conclusion here is that if you need more than just basic parental monitoring, the only option currently on the market is FlexiSPY, and so if the need is there then it’s worth the extra money.

It’s worth noting that FlexiSPY offer a 14 day no questions asked refund policy, so if you don’t feel the software is useful to you, you can get your money back.

Support (Score 4/5)

And that brings us to getting assistance. For the things I did need help with, getting assistance turned out to be easy. This is because each feature inside the online portal contains an information link you can click that brings you to the FlexiSPY knowledgebase article for that feature.

In terms of getting talking with a real human, FlexiSPY promise to answer all tickets within 24 hours. I find this to be a bit disappointing as competitors like mSpy offer real time support (for an extra 30 dollars). For me, I would of liked to of had that real time support.

Reliability (Score 5/5)

I faced no issues with reliability throughout my testing of FlexiSPY

From the beginning of my testing of FlexiSPY, to the end I experienced no issues with the software not working. I’ve read complaints on the internet about FlexiSPY just suddenly stops working and having to reinstall,  but this didn’t happen to me – and from what I’ve gathered the issue with FlexiSPY stopping is due to be installed in normal mode instead of full mode (rooted vs unrooted).


FlexiSPY delivered on what they promised. Installation was simple, they were transparent about compatibility and limitations. Their knowledgebase and support were helpful, and overall I found the product to be easy to use. Therfore I recommend FlexiSPY for anyone wanting to monitor their phone.

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